Apple’s Privacy Update: Advertising Is Changing Forever, And New Alternatives Are Emerging

All the Apple new privacy updates are increasing the privacy options for Apple users. But, simultaneously urging the digital markers to rethink their marketing plans in a coming couple of months? 

Privacy is the priority of everyone, and this is why Apple has introduced these updates. The company wants to ensure the security of all the confidential details of their users is safe. Therefore, they have introduced personalisation through these updates, making the media marketing strategy dead in the future.

But, in the case of email marketing, the game is entirely different. Here, by creating some alluring email newsletter, you can not only get the click but as well as can convert them into potential customers. So, why not think about email advertising?

But, how would it be possible to read on more to know all!

What Are Apple’s Privacy Updates? 

At the start of 2021, Apple introduced the iOS 14 update. This privacy policy aims to let the users feel more secure and safe. The updates offer an incredible way to keep the crucial data of iPhone users entirely safe and secure. 

For instance, through these updates, the sender would never know whether the receiver has opened the email or not. Moreover, the sender could not access the IP addresses of the receivers, so they can’t be able to link them with other activities. 

Above all, these updates have affected Facebook and other social media apps like Instagram the most. It is crystal clear from now that Apple users have the option to block the IDFA or identifier for advertisers. So, in this way, all the social media apps would not access the user’s personal information, which gives absolute satisfaction to all the Apple users. 

For now, users get more privacy protection, transparency and excellent control. They have a better idea of what is happening with their information. They can control it better with these privacy updates. 

How Have These Updates Been Affecting the Marketing Strategies? 

It is clear to everyone how tremendously Apple updates have affected the various advertising platforms. From now, all marketing strategies would work in an entirely different way. And at the moment, all the marketers who were dependent on new customers and app installation are suffering the most after these updates and looking for alternative approaches. 

Facebook’s Response To Apple’s Privacy Updates 

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the largest and most influential social media sites we are using today. There is no need to say that millions of Facebook users visit their accounts many times a day. And, this is why they are getting to interact with multiple advertisements at each hour, thus making Facebook the most effective way to interact with potential customers. 

But, with these updates, the situation is entirely different. As with all of these changes, the effectiveness of the Facebook ads has been reduced so dramatically. For instance, the average small business has reduced more than 60% of its sales just after these updates? Well, I guess this is a considerable number.

  So, with a tremendous reduction in the ROI in Facebook, you need to rethink your upcoming Facebook digital campaigns. And this is the reason which has urged Facebook to come out as the advocate of small businesses. The platform has provided a clear-cut picture of how difficult it would be for a business to get the clicks with these changes.   

So, it’s time for so many marketers out there to think about alternatives to Facebook advertising. Otherwise, they are going to have nothing!

Effect On Social Media Advertisements 

It is pretty hard to say how drastic these changes could be in the future. But it is so fearful to imagine for all those who depend on social media for their marketing. Limitation tracking and personalisation are the two main features of these updates, making these entire social media platforms the least effective in marketing campaigns. 

Now it’s either Instagram or any other social media app. The clients would not be able to gather the data without the client’s permission, which is what personalisation is meant here. And thus, with these restrictions, all the social media platforms would be able to get accurate performance reports and other necessary details about their customers. 

So, how would all media marketers develop their marketing strategies be the real question to consider in this scenario?

How Be Email Open Rates/Click-Through Tracking Will Affected?

The Apple privacy updates have entirely changed the advertising strategies now. As in email marketing, the users would interact with all the emails in pretty different ways. 

For instance, if you have subscribed to your favourite brand and send you emails, you would not receive any of them. Instead of the actual subscriber, Apple will get all that email sponsorship with a proxy email address. Thus, keeping the IP address and other crucial information protected. 

Here, Apple will download all the included images or included files that will send the email to the receiver or iPhone user. Now, it is all up to the user whether the email will read the email or not. 

Remember that most of the email senders used to insert the tracking pixels. A user opens the email, and all the embedded pixels let the sender know that the receiver has opened the email. 

So, now the Apple users will receive the emails but through the Apple cache. Unlike social media advertisement, where users can block unwanted advertisements! 

Is Email Marketing Still A Good Strategy?

In this entire scenario, an email newsletter is getting immense popularity. Everyone is familiar with the fact of how important visuals are. So, using the same strategy, you can keep interacting with your potential customers even after these unwanted privacy changes. 

You are well aware of the importance of an open rate in email marketing. So, to improve the open rate, no need to include the complete info; instead, add a teaser or a piece of information to keep the audience attractive. How would you urge the receipt’s curiosity if you included the most valuable information in the email?

So, at first, add some visuals like some compelling images with a click button like continue to read. This click button should be connected to the landing page. Here, the landing page is your blog, website or e-store. Or, if you do not have any website or social media to share, you can also attach it with someone other’s email. 

Remember that email advertising costs are reasonable, thus generating a massive lead without paying a massive amount. 


Email marketing is equally effective and valuable, just as social media marketing. And, any business can use both of them to get a tremendous lead for their business. But, this seems to be impossible with the latest Apple updates.

At present, the effectiveness of Facebook ads has decreased so dramatically. But, email marketing is still alive, giving you hope to interact in different ways and get thousands of potential buyers in return!

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