Rype Magazine provides a collection of articles around language learning, travel, culture, productivity, and more.

We have a weekly newsletter called ‘Culture by Rype’ which shares: 3 new tips around learning a new language, 2 cultural facts, and 1 quote, resource, or tool that the reader can take away from.

Gender Mix: 55% male, 45% female
Age Range: 25-40
Cadence: 1x/week (will move to 2x/week soon)

Other audience information: 
Our core audience is primarily digital nomads and business professionals from English-speaking countries like the US, Canada, and the UK, ranging from ages 25-40. These are high-income earners who can afford paying $79 to $199 per month for our language subscription services. They enjoy learning about new products, services, and resources that can improve their quality of life, and have the budget to afford recommendations we share with them, while having the open-minded curiousity to try new things.

Language: English
Subscribers: 100000
Open Rate (%): 18
CTR (%): 1