Hi, I’m Ali (@meseali), the founder of Growth Supply (storytelling studio that grows startups through words) & the owner of The Startup  (Medium’s largest active publication, followed by +512,219 followers).

Over the last years, I have grown my audience from zero to millions of visitors, averaging over half a million monthly readers on my Medium blog alone. I have also managed to replicate those strategies for growing the online businesses of our clients, some of the world’s leading startups.

When I am not working for a client, I blog. And when I blog, I share my learnings openly with other people. This has helped me greatly to connect with many like-minded entrepreneurs. However, as my work started to get more attention, I found it increasingly difficult to respond to all the emails or messages from those people asking for my help.

Cadence: Monthly emails sent

Language: English
Subscribers: 71000
Open Rate (%): 40
CTR (%): 5