We are an audience ticket company for TV and radio shows in the UK, and we also help with casting calls for the media. Our subscribers are based all over the UK. We have a very clean list, maintained for over 17 years. Our audience is very broad (both in terms of age and interests), reflecting the various programmes that we have ticketed for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Sky, among many others.

We have one of the biggest lists in our industry on LetterWell. As such, we can offer you a huge amount of bang for your buck – get your ad seen.

Gender Mix: 59% female, 41% male
Age Range: 16-70+
Cadence: 2x per week

Price: £125 for one ad in our next newsletter email. This gets you a banner ad – preferably in JPG or PNG format – with a fixed width of 590 pixels and height of no more than 350 pixels, linking to your desired landing page.

Note: Although we can advertise most businesses and services, there are some things that we cannot advertise (gambling products, nicotine, alcohol, etc. – please check if you are unsure).

Language: English
Subscribers: 237250
Open Rate (%): 15
CTR (%): 1