About us:

Toolwatch is a service that allows mechanical watch owners to measure and track the accuracy of their luxury timepieces. We have gathered an engaged community of people, that are not only watch lovers but luxury watch buyers. Our subscribers have a demonstrated high purchasing power and enjoy treating themselves.

Our typical partner is a company that sells product and services to luxury buyers and ultra high net worth individuals.

Our demographics:

Gender Mix: 90.1% male and 9.9% female
Age Range: 18-24: 7,03% 25-34: 32,74% 35-44: 23,94% 45-54: 18,81% 55-64:10,71% 65+: 6,77%
Region : Our readers are global with our first region being North America (42%), Europe (49%), followed by Asia (13%) 
Cadence: Twice a month on average, though we have ongoing drip campaigns

Language: English
Subscribers: 79000
Open Rate (%): 36
CTR (%): 4