We dare to envisage a world where you don’t need a financial advisor – much as you no longer need a travel agent thanks to the likes of Expedia. Just as you do with films, restaurants and hotels, we see a world where you consult an independent platform before making any financial decision.

Our first product is our daily newsletter that explains what’s happening in the world of finance in 3 minutes and without any jargon. This has attracted 600,000 readers – but removing financial jargon is just the first step in levelling the playing field. Since then we have expanded our team, and grown our community around the world!

The next step in our mission is making your voice heard by building the “TripAdvisor” for finance. We’ve built this awesome new app where you can read user-generated reviews on a range of financial products, and therefore have the ability to figure out what to do with your money.

Age Range: From 18 to 30 years old
Cadence: Daily emails sent

Language: English
Subscribers: 600000
Open Rate (%): 35
CTR (%): 2