Altcoin Fantasy helps those new to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space learn about crypto safely while having fun. Using an innovative blend of fantasy sports and crypto trading, Altcoin Fantasy offers fantasy trading competitions where players can learn and compete against others all around the world and win real crypto prizes. Our mission is to drive crypto adoption and we are taking a different approach where we focus on gamification to help people learn and stay engaged and want to keep coming back.

We have one of the most engaged communities in the space and we’ve worked with over 60 of the leading blockchain and crypto companies who want access to our community. We’ve helped drive growth in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem by collaborating and partnering with other companies to help drive more users into the ecosystem and to their products and services. We have reached 170K+ users worldwide. We are strong believers in gaming and how it can drive early and mainstream adoption and we’re harnessing that to change how crypto adoption happens. We’re leaving the boring articles and courses to others and we’re wooing people into crypto through the fun and excitement of fantasy sports, with none of the risks of gambling or real trading. In fact, we reward people to learn and improve their skills through minimum $500 prize pools every week and many other crypto rewards that people can receive as they play our game. Best of all, it’s free so we can democratize access to learning for everyone.

Gender Mix: 85/15
Age Range: 19-65
Cadence: 2 times/week

Language: English
Subscribers: 85000
Open Rate (%): 10
CTR (%): 2