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You can monetize your email newsletter with Instant Booking (pay-per-campaign) or Native Ads (pay-per-click) sponsorship and adverts.

Instant Monetization

High Quality Advertisers

Income That Scales

Personalised Ad Creatives

Types of Newsletter Advert Sponsorship

Instant Booking allows for an advertiser to purchase a standalone campaign in your newsletter and the advertiser will pay an upfront lump sum.

Native Ads are pre-approved adverts you can plug straight into your newsletters and you are paid for every click the advert receives.

Running ads in your newsletter could earn

Unlimited Earning Potential

There's no cap on how much you can earn with Letterwell

Instant Monetization

Never run a newsletter without an ad. Every email generates profit.

Quality Advertisers

Relevant, targeted sponsorship that matches your subscriber audience

Income That Scales

Email ads create a consistent revenue that scales as your newsletter grows