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LetterWell - Buy and sell ad space in email newsletters | Product Hunt EmbedLetterWell - Buy and sell ad space in email newsletters | Product Hunt Embed

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Select from our network of newsletter owners to find the most suitable advertising partner.

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Leverage your email newsletters to increase your earnings through paid ad placement.

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Our stringent quality checks let only the best, most reliable newsletters onto our platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my newsletter listing is not approved?

If your newsletter is not published within 24 hours, please reach out to us via email if we haven't done so already. We'll specify exactly why your newsletter has not been approved; possible reasons include lack of evidence uploaded for the number of subscribers/CTR.

How much does it cost?

Using our platform is entirely free. There's no cost to you in listing or contacting email newsletters. Any transactions that occur outside LetterWell however, are beyond our control! We recommend using an Escrow service for any monetary transactions that you engage in.

What happens to my listing after it expires?

All listings automatically expire and become unpublished from our Marketplace after 365 days. It will fall into a draft state, which you can then review before resubmitting. We do this to ensure you have the opportunity to update your newsletter on an annual basis.

How can I get my newsletter in the featured spotlight section?

Please send us an email if you would like to learn more about getting your newsletter extra exposure! It guarantees that your newsletter will be on the home page, on the top of all search results, and in the footer of the site. You'll also feature in our newsletter to subscribers.

What's the difference between Open Rate and CTR?

Industry standard uses two metrics when assessing the success of an email marketing campaign; namely Open Rate and Click Through Rate (CTR). Open Rate is the percentage of subscribers that have actively opened the email newsletter and read it. The CTR is the percentage of subscribers that have clicked on a link within the email newsletter.

Our Newsletters in Numbers

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52 mil

What people are saying about Letterwell

Lots of companies have contacted me since the newsletter was featured there and have even closed some deals.

This is useful! We’ve been looking for the related newsletters to place ads for a while and this is just the perfect tool to use for this.

This is a wonderful site. Really looking forward to using it more, already found so much benefit.

Brilliant website! Fitness & Wellness and Family & Relationships categories have been invaluable for me.

I love the concept of LetterWell and applaud you for bringing it to market!

Looks good, congrats… I started using instantly and have been able to chase down leads for our next project.