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Design & Development

Latest jobs, articles and resources for designers

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Android Intelligence


The premier publication for Android enthusiasts

Adverts from $550

Ask Woody


Daily news about Apple

Adverts from $330

Sitepoint Weekly


Your guide to the web’s greatest dev resources

Adverts from $5500

The Tech Memo


1 min summary of the news in tech

Adverts from $88



Personalised Deals & Offers You Love

Adverts from $330

Landing Letter

Design & Development

Weekly teardown of landing pages that convert

Adverts from $55

The Founding Moms

Business & Finance

Helping mom entrepreneurs build better businesses.

Adverts from $143

The Modern Product Manager


The Future of Tech and Product Management

Adverts from $220

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    Articles and interviews to help and inspire

    Jul 02
    The real-time transformation of digital marketing

    We are witnessing the transformation of digital advertising in real-time. According to…

    Jul 01
    Why businesses are turning to email newsletters over social media to advertise

    Email newsletters are an economical and highly effective method of reaching new…

    Jul 01
    Juggling too many business tasks? We love using these tools!

    Running a business efficiently is both challenging and rewarding. You need to handle…

    Jun 30
    From papyrus to newsletter advertising – what’s the history behind the marketing we know?

    We need to go back a long time to understand how it all started. Marketing has a…

    Jun 30
    Interview with D3Playbook and how they’ve coped during a global pandemic

    D3Playbook is a site and newsletter that is dedicated to keeping the influencers in…

    Jun 10
    Catch-All Email Addresses: How Should A Marketer Deal With Them?

    Having an extensive email address list in your email database is a dream for every…

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