5 Small Email Marketing Services (ESPs) That You Might Not Have Heard About

Is email marketing important to your company? Searching for a top-notch email marketing solution? All of your email marketing activities will be more efficient if you use email marketing services and tools.

The effectiveness of your marketing campaign may be significantly impacted by your choice of email marketing service provider. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top email marketing services for small companies.

Top 5 Email Marketing Service

Here are the top five email marketing services:


Upscribe.net offers newsletter-creation capabilities. Medium’s signup forms. It’s an email newsletter application that allows you to create newsletters for your subscribers. There is a no-code method for gathering subscribers on Medium. An email newsletter is used to keep people engaged and motivated.

There are no complicated controls in the composer. Embed form by pasting the link to Upscribe form in Medium editor and pressing enter. It offers freebies like e-books, discounts, or video embeds to get people to register. It prevents people from leaving your website by configuring popups to appear only at specific points in their journey through it.


To keep your mailing list updated, TinyLetter is a free email marketing tool. TinyLetter has stayed true to its roots while adding new functionality. These features include a clean, minimalistic look, as well as easy-to-use tools for creating emails.

TinyLetter is sometimes referred to as a “lightweight” version of MailChimp as a novice marketer, blogger, or small company just getting started. TinyLetter offers just the essentials, making it simpler to learn and quicker to use than other options.


Writing an email newsletter and earning money from subscribers may be a challenging task. A content management system (CMS) enables writers to produce email newsletters, integrate payments via Stripe, and host a website containing free and subscriber-only material.

If you decide to monetize your newsletters, Substack is a fantastic method to get started producing email newsletters and make some extra money. The downside of Substack is that it does not have the sophisticated functionality that more experienced users need.


Buttondown is a simple-to-use tool for creating newsletters. As a result of its basic, minimalist design, users can rapidly write emails without being burdened by extra features found in other newsletter-creating applications.

With the website, newsletter writers have the chance to learn more about the behavior of their subscribers. It’s possible to send several newsletters from a single account when using Buttondown. Security is a top priority for Buttondown’s users and customers.


A self-hosted email newsletter application called Sendy uses Amazon Simple Email Service to deliver trackable newsletters. As a result, it aids in boosting return on investment (ROI) and driving customer loyalty to at the cost of $1 per 10,000 emails. 

Sendy makes it possible to send out multi-threaded emails quickly and efficiently. With Sendy, you may run as many clients as you like on the same server. You may add UTM parameters at the end of every link in your email using Sendy’s built-in reporting dashboard.


Using email as a marketing tool has been shown to reach many recipients and increase customer satisfaction. For this strategy to work, you’ll need a well-thought-out message structure and highly relevant content to your target audience.

Your company’s goods and services may acquire maximum exposure and reputation not just locally but across the globe with an efficient email marketing campaign that is well thought out and executed. Your email will start receiving fast responses once it reaches your targeted consumers using this direct marketing method.

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