From papyrus to newsletter advertising – what’s the history behind the marketing we know?

We need to go back a long time to understand how it all started. Marketing has a history as long as ancient civilisation and it grew and developed alongside technology and trade. To think of what’s the best for us and what is the future we need to go back in time and see how it began!

Let’s go back to the antique

A  number of studies show that marketing and branding haves their origin in antique times. There is evidence that a fish sauce manufacturer in Pompeii about 35 BC created a mosaic pattern in his atrium representing amphora bearing his personal brand. Other sources claim that marketing has its root in ancient Egypt were about 3000 years ago Cleopatra created advertisements on papyrus informing about the price for bringing back the runaway slaves. 

When was the biggest change?

Despite its very old origins the marketing in a form that we known today begun during the time of the Industrial revolution. It was a time of rapid social changes caused by innovation in technological industries. The faster and easier way of production led to increased consumption, but also a growing competition which incentivised businesses to create various forms of advertisement. The first magazine in America was printed in 1742. The posters introduced in the 19th century quickly became so popular that they had to be banned on property in London! Also in 1867, the earliest billboard was recorded.

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    The start of new media and digital marketing 

    From then we can observe constant and rapid development in marketing strategies while the new media were emerging like radio, tv and telephone. The next big step was computers and the internet. The marketing research now often proves that the tools in digital marketing allow companies to learn about their consumers and influence consumer behaviour. The growth and popularity of adverts led to ‘marketing blindness’, unconsciously ignoring adverts as we are so used to their overload display. It means that the marketers have to put more effort to reach and influence the consumers. 

    So after all this time, what actually works?

    The studies show that among millennials and generation Z  that digital marketing that is short, with humour, music and the use of influencers are the most effective. However, one of the crucial things in digital marketing is a well-targeted and interested audience. 

    The newsletter marketing gives the advertisers a great way to reach an audience that they did not manage to interest in before. People following and reading the newsletters in a certain category are likely to be open and curious about the new solutions and products introduced to the sector. Also, placing an ad in a newsletter of an influencer might be a great idea to reach the audience while not spending as much money.

    In these times, where marketing and sales are very competitive it is important to try a variety of marketing channels that let us reach people who are the best fit and have a true interest in a product. 

    The journey is not finished yet 

    We came a very long way from ancient times through the industrial revolution to the internet and new media. The question that we cannot answer is what is going to happen later? As we can see while the technology and media were changing over time the marketing channels were transforming as well. Now instead of waiting for the new technology to come, we should use the channels that are growing now and giving the extended possibility for advertising the products. One of the marketing channels like that is the Letterwell platform, which is growing daily. Also, newsletter marketing turns out to be more efficient and cheaper than traditional social media marketing. 

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      Author Bio

      Alice is an intern and Sales Associate at Letterwell. Alice has a passion for marketing and social trends and is currently a student at the London School of Economics.

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