Why businesses are turning to email newsletters over social media to advertise

Email newsletters are an economical and highly effective method of reaching new potential clients which are often under-utlised by many businesses. Letterwell offers your business an easy and protected way to advertise in a range of targeted email newsletters. 

The Impressive Numbers Behind Email Marketing

However, don’t just take our word on the effectiveness of email newsletter marketing; the statistics speak for themselves. 

Email sees vast worldwide usage; statistica reports that there were four billion global email users in 2020, with this number expected to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. Statistica also estimates that an eye-watering 306 billion emails were sent daily in 2020. Often email can be one of the first things that your potential clients see in the morning; 58% of people check the email first, compared to only 14% for social media according to optinmonster – a very wide reach when you consider that 99% of us check our emails daily. 

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    Email Marketing – Superior to Social Media

    It would be easy to think that social media is the superior form of marketing in this day and age, with many companies seeming to make it at the forefront of their marketing strategies. Yet the numbers just don’t seem to back this:

    And these figures are only the tip of the iceberg. Websites such as CampaignMonitor, Optinmonster, and MailChimp have a wealth of articles and statistics which highlight the incredible power of email marketing.

    Why Email Newsletter Marketing Stands Out

    Many of the statistics above are reflective of email marketing generally; data is limited specifically for email newsletters. However the metrics we see here at Lettwerwell speak for themselves. Of the 400 newsletters on our platform, we see an average open rate of over 50%, and an average click through rate of 14%. 

    So why is it that newsletters have such an impressive performance. There are a variety of possible explanations, including the fact that newsletter readers have chosen to subscribe to them based on their interest in the content they provide. For this reason they are highly engaged with the content, and are likely to pick up on adverts within the emails. Other email marketing campaigns may fall into the trap of being ignored by potential readers, or worse, getting sent straight to the junk folder. 

    Furthermore, email newsletters allow advertisers a bespoke targeted audience like no other; each newsletter is likely to have it’s very own niche. Here on Letterwell’s marketplace, we can allow advertisers to select newsletters based on the subscriber count, readers interests, average ages of the readers, the location and language of the readers, or even the gender mix of the readers. 

    How Letterwell Can Help You Reach New Clients

    Here at Letterwell, we give advertisers the opportunity to meet newsletter owners so they can advertise to an engaged and targeted audience for a fraction of the cost of other less effective methods of marketing. 

    Our marketplace is completely free to browse and features over 400 different newsletters, on a variety of topics, from fashion and retail to tech and finance. You can either contact newsletter owners directly or even skip the negotiations and book an ad campaign in a matter of minutes using our ‘Instant Booking’ system.

    Check out how to establish your own brand voice if you’re unsure of which direction to take your newsletter branding in!

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      Ollie Ryan is an intern and Sales Associate at Letterwell. His interests lie in sport, rowing and rock climbing, and he has a passion for medical technology and marketing. Ollie is currently pursing a career in medicine.

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