Juggling too many business tasks? We love using these tools!

Running a business efficiently is both challenging and rewarding. You need to handle numerous tasks and resolve issues daily. You need to keep up with market trends in your industry and build your brand reputation. Maintaining good customer relations, keeping track of inventory and finances are also important.

So how can you successfully juggle all these responsibilities? Well, automating most of your tasks will help you manage your time and enhance productivity. For instance, automated inventory tracking allows you to access vital information from your phone.

With working remotely our new normal, managing a business mainly relies on business applications. You can access tools and features such as in-built barcode readers and task managers remotely.

Having the right apps and tools allows you to focus on nurturing your business and generating more income. For instance, you need Letterwell to advertise in email newsletters — essentially, widening your reach exponentially. Start by seeing how Letterwell works.

There are, of course, many more platforms you can leverage in your quest for business success. In this article, we have demystified some valuable apps that are a must-have for your business.

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    Quickbooks has advanced analytics and reporting features for continuous inventory tracking. The app shows you the updated inventory levels at all times. The advanced inventory data is always current. This allows you to protect and even increase your profit margins by making informed business decisions.

    This is, indeed, software to transform your wholesale distro business. Aside from automating inventory management, it also keeps your vendor information centralized. Orders are also streamlined with integrations to major platforms like Shopify and Amazon. 

    HubSpot’s Sales Hub

    HubSpot is a comprehensive platform that includes tools capable of providing CRM, marketing, and sales services. The HubSpot live chat feature enables you to have real-time one-on-one conversations with your customers. You can automate chat conversations via conversational bots. You’ll be able to redirect them to specific team members. Besides generating tickets, you’re able to qualify leads and book meetings. The conversations inbox gives you and your team a unified conversation platform.

    HubSpot allows you to create, share professional quotes. You can automatically record calls to your customers. It’s possible to schedule and track emails, create content snippets and have a library for your sales documents. The HubSpot dashboard also helps you track your sales funnel so you can see the ROI of every marketing touchpoint you use. You can manage the deals in your pipeline and integrate Facebook Messenger for easy communication.


    Todoist is a powerful web-based task manager designed to enhance productivity. Businesses can manage important tasks and projects across many platforms. You’re able to communicate with your team and work on tasks with ease, improving your productivity and revenue.

    Smart Schedule on Todoist uses machine learning algorithms. It proposes workable dates for scheduling and rescheduling tasks. You can add tasks, track the status of current tasks, establish repetitive tasks, see all completed tasks and generate to-do lists. Todoist allows you to subdivide large projects into many sub-tasks. You can organize them using labels, filters, or levels of task priority.  

    Monitoring your team’s progress is easy through color-coded visual graphs available for each project. You’re able to track overdue tasks, set daily goals, and customize workflow creation, to name a few. To streamline your workflow, Todoist can integrate with third-party applications such as Dropbox. Todoist also has an offline functionality that allows you to work on assignments even in the absence of the internet.

    Todoist comes with many plugins and apps. They are compatible with many browsers, emails, mobile devices, desktops, and laptops.

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